Below are listed our upcoming certifications where you may become a Level 1-2 Merge Practitioner

Merge is on the leading edge.

This course will give you CEU's for Yoga Alliance. Having multiple levels of certification, this course will provide you with foundational and advanced concepts of Merge's Principles.

This is for all yogis, trainers, therapist, body workers, and avid students. See below where a Merge the Practice Certification is coming to you!!!

But what is MERGE? How would that help ME?

Merge is a unique movement therapy focused on showing you how to TRAIN, RECOVER, and make more fluid CONNECTIONS with your FASCIAL system. In this workshop you will learn about the many different layers and nets of fascia that encapsulate us from head to toe, and skin to bone. With this knowledge you will identify and CREATE healthy movement patterns that support your structural integrity as well as change the way you work with your clients or students. Allowing you to facilitate more intelligent ways to heal your body and mind ultimately providing a sense that your body is working with you not against you.

Our fascial system is without a doubt the most intricate system of communication within our body, knowing how to take care of this system is imperative if we want to achieve long-term health. Regardless of your preferred method of training, whether it is yoga, weight training, Crossfit, running, etc… what you will learn through Merge and our foundational principles will evolve the way you practice, providing you with a sense of FREEDOM in your movement.


All of these requirements must be met in order to attend a Merge course. If you have any questions as to whether or not you qualify please email

- Must have a basic understanding of anatomy and as it relates 
to human movement
- Must have some formal education or background in working with 
the human body, this includes yoga, personal training and any form of therapy.
- Must be willing and able to physically participate in a low impact,
 therapeutic, and active format.
- Must attend all hours of the workshop in order to 
obtain the certification
This certification is open to anyone who meets these requirements.

You will also have the option to pay a deposit or in full upon checkout.

Have you already completed level one and want to take it to the next level?

Find out more about level two
Level Two

Our upcoming Level One Certifications

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Since starting Merge, I have seen so much change. It has given me the confidence to start moving again, the reminder that exercise does not have to be painful, and has also has given me the permission to trust my body. I was so caught up with what I couldn't do and not focusing on what I can do. These moves are fun and challenge the mind which is exactly what I need to help heal! It's like a massage for the central nervous system. I have such a better sense of balance. I used to fall or randomly stumble, which in a yoga class or out in the everyday world was an embarrassment. Now, I am sure on my footing, and am very aware of my gait and my body movement. It feels good to move.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!