What you need to know

Based in connective tissue

Merge is one of the only movement therapies based in connective tissue (fascia), and whose main objective is to create healthy and stronger fascial connections while identifying the patterns of disconnect in our movement that throw us out of balance.

Unique to your design

Merges practices and principles are meant to be tailored to the individual's specific needs in order to produce the desired effect.

7 Key Principles

The 7 Principles of Merge can be used as a stand alone practice, or infused with whatever system you already love. These key principles are to be seen as guidelines that create the environment for all healthy movement.

You decide the intensity

Aside from this being a system of therapy, the intensity of the practice greatly changes the outcome. Making it extremely versatile and beneficial for both functions of the nervous system. Will it be rest or a race?

``Its so much deeper than just stretching or getting a workout in``

It's our intention to help people understand how important it is to take care of this system, and create enough of a paradigm shift in the way people view there body that they start making more informed choices in terms of self-care.
MERGE is a leading edge, scientific practice that impacts your body on a cellular level through fascia which IS THE MEDIUM that CONNECTS ALL SYSTEMS in the body. Thanks to our fascial system our body has the ability to auto-regulate through creating the proper amount of tension our cells need in order to thrive. This is called BIOMECHANICAL AUTO-REGULATION. Different cells are looking for different environments of tension in order to function properly. If cells become too crowded from strain or excess tension they suicide, if they become too stretched it can stimulate reproduction. Both are opposite sides of the spectrum and what could be considered unbalanced. Where do we go from here? What can we do to take care of this biomechanical auto-regulatory system? AKA our connective tissue system AKA our fascial system. . MERGE presents an answer. . What you learn at a MERGE certification is the proper information that is necessary for you to begin taking control of your fascial system. Our 7 principles are guidelines which set the environment in order for you to feel the power, yet ease, that comes from integrating opposing sides of the body in order to balance tension which regulates our entire body. MERGE helps people understand the importance of our fascial system and not just in terms of movement or athletic performance, we're also talking biological functioning of the entire human body. All the way from proper digestion, menstrual function, neurological balance, muscular balance and so on. A question to ponder....Why should bodywork, or the right fascial release, stretch, or re-tensioning of a fascial line improve functioning of the body? The answer is in the balancing of resting tension which lies within our body, which is the exactly what MERGE accomplishes.

With Merge its possible to be your trainer and physical therapist at the same time.

We believe that everyone has the power to feel like their body is working with them, not against them and we would love to show you HOW.
Merge was created from the understanding that there is much more to the human body than what is being utilized, both in movement practices and recovery. This posed a very big question that needed to be answered. "What can we create that teaches people how to feel, strengthen, and utilize their connective tissue system, but also make them more aware of patterns of disconnect and dysfunction?"

Have a question?

Ask us! Were here to be helpful and will do our best to answer all equerries within 24hrs on business days.

Who is Merge for?

Merge is for the already active, movement and fitness professionals, manual therapist/bodyworkers, and anyone who already has some former training or background in anatomy.

Is Merge meant for a class setting?

While Merge can, and is, its own stand alone practice that can be taught in a class setting; we definitely encourage you to make it personal. This way you can be as specific as possible to what your body wants. It is up to you!

Can I become an instructer?

Of course! Just click the button near the question box! When you become an instructor you will gain special access to marketing materials and the ability to lead a class or help a client!